Kyrgyzstan is all about nature, horses, yurts and kumis. Mountains here are simply amazing – 90% of the country is above 1500 m and average elevation of the country is 2750 m. Waking up in a frozen morning in the middle of the summer is nothing special. Hiking in snow over 3000 something pass also. People are extremely friendly. No question asked, hospitality here reaches another level.

  • Seatbelt. WTF all tourists are crazy about it? It’s OK, don’t worry, we will talk with police.
  • How you don’t have kumis in your country??? I can’t imagine that.
  • Europe = Baku.
  • Kuala Lumpur = Horoshno //beautiful
  • I have no idea what is with Baku and KL and Kyrgyz people. I was always asked about.
  • Why are you not married?
    I don’t care. It’s not on my priority list. I had of explaining made up stories about this. It’s fine. Drugi je to mentalitet! //different mentality
  • Marshrutka in Bishkek, 10 som.
  • 1 kg of aubergines, 15 som.
  • Yurt here and there. You are welcome to stop by anytime.
  • Carry some sweets with you. Kyrgyz are crazy about them.
  • Here, eat more. Why are you not eating? Don’t worry if you don’t like butter, here is some ayran.
  • Olympics?! What about World Nomad Games? This is what it really counts.
  • We are going to practice for the dead sheep game tomorrow. Yes, this is a popular game in Kyrgyz land, something similar to polo on horses, but the dead sheep is used instead of the ball.
  • World record of setting up a yurt is held by team from Karakol. I heard is around 17 minutes.
  • You need to shave 25 sheep to have enough wool to cover up a yurt house.
  • Horses and more horses.
  • I wish roads in Kyrgyzstan will never end. Every curve brings a different scenery.
  • Мага Кыргызстанды жакшы!
  • Wild west, Kyrgyzstan.

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