Here goes my wisdom from Azerbaijan!

  • Vodka with pickle’s vinegar. No, you can’t have just vodka, you need some food with it! Pickles go really good with it.
  • I will start to believe kebab is actually Azeri.
  • They call it land of fire. Gas and oil are so close to surface that gas is burning out of the rocks.
  • Oil pumps everywhere. Some oil fields looks like you just used a time machine and transport yourself to Soviet times.
  • Baku has just one side, the facade and behind the scenes.
  • Inspired by: Sydney Opera, The London Eye, Little Venice, Dubai Towers … Did you just say “inspired”?? This is our design!
  • Well, Zaha Hadid’s stuff is amazing as always.
  • Baku is an interesting mix of east and west and old and new. Sometimes feels quite fake.
  • Like Azeri Manat (money) was designed by the same guy as the Euro! Coincidence, right?
  • People are very hospitable. But their mentality deserve another chapter.
  • You see no women after 6PM in Baku. It get worse in other places around the country.
  • Not a single FEMALE except two grandmas at the market in the village. WTF are all women? Like really?? Locked down or on a chain at home?
  • Do you have balls and ask if they consider themselves to be a part of European continent? Trust me, you need balls for this.
  • First European games, Eurovision, F1 “Grand prix of Europe” – and you are still asking if we are European???
  • Gender equality. Yes, guys can do whatever they want and women should be a virgin until the wedding night. Well, anyways, they are locked in the house somewhere.
  • More than 25 and not yet married? Sorry, all your hope is lost. You are gonna stay single forever!!
  • Soft toilet paper was an amazing upgrade after the Stan’s sand paper. You would be amazed how good it feels!
  • POMEGRANATES!!! Like, everywhere. And pomegranates martini made by secret recipe. Wuuuhuu.
  • There are two type of cars in Azerbaijan: Lada or a “you have never seen it before” 4WD.
  • Ladas are awesome. I have a feeling that all post soviet Ladas had ended in Azerbaijan. All Stans together reach like 10% of what Azerbaijan managed to collect.
  • Everything is transported by – Ladas!! Of course! You can fit anything into them!
  • Driving in Azerbaijan … OMFG. Hold your breath and close your eyes.
  • Petroglyphs.
  • Mud volcanoes. Blup, blup, blup. 🙂 hahah.
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