Those little volcanic island in the middle of Atlantic, almost on the half way to America. Where they are one hour later than West Europe is, azorean portuguese is spoken and people are at least ten times lazier than in continental Portugal, but thatswhy 10 times more friendlier.

There is no need for a hitchhiking, because every second car stops and people are asking you: “Why are you walking, come with us, we will take you there.” And then they really take you wherever you want and explain you everything about their island just because you asked them, if vulcanic caves are worth to visit. Hitchhiking statistics is the best in Pico island where (also at 4 a.m.) literally every third car gives you a lift (except when you are in urgent need to catch a Whalewatching in a village 25 km away!)

It became normal to “speak” our broken portuguese, while in continental part english doesn’t even help you to get a beer.. But on Azores, after 10 mins people often ask: “But you don’t speak english?” “English? You speak it also?” (here in the continental part you usually get the answer that they just speak french, especially when they figure out you don’t have a clue about it). “You know, here almost everybody has a part of a family or friends in USA or Canada or we have lived there for some years.”

And than: “Are you from Germany?” “No, why?” “Ok. You know how the Germans are.. We are getting the money all the time from them (EU stuff and that), but in the end they come here for a holiday and they are nervous, because we are not on time and they say we are lazy!” (9.59 is treated the same as 9 o’clock).

Makeover, totally. If anybody deserves autonomy in Portugal, this are definitely Azores. Totally different. I wouldn’t say they are lazy – they just found out the different things important! 🙂 They can catch fish and crabs for the lunch and change one lobster for a cheese, milk and a piece of beef by their neighbours. And what you need more? Stress is on the zero, temperature that goes 10 degrees up and down through all year.. Preparing for a sailing competition between the islands. (It is necessary to know, which island has the best boys.) And of course everybody says their island is the best one!

1They always says they speak french, just to look smarter, but in general, its easier to find a english speaking person than french!

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