We are observing Pico all the time. It is just logical that we will visit it as last island and we can looking at it from front and side way. And I bet that the first Azorean inhabitants composed a lot of songs according to Pico.. it is just a must do, when you are there.

Pico has the highest portuguese point – Ponta do Pico (2351 m) and very good wine. Island is the youngest of central Azorean archipelago, “recent” lava paths are celarly visible and volcano should been sleeping. Between lava and Atlantic there are stone walls built around wine plants – and only wine there is growing.

After one year of Portugal, there is almost a must (for typical Slovenian) to climb the highest point also. Pico is usually hidding in the clouds, just the top of it is showin of. We are asking for the weather forecast everyday to be sure to make the best itinerary. Everybody is saying the top is not reachable without the mountain guide (but after all that time spent in Portugal, you know that Portugeses are lazy and thay don’t have mountains). And in the end you figure out, it is possible to go alone, just some safety instructions you need to follow.

Again, hitchhiking ower half of the island on the roads where traffic is just 3 cars per hour to reach the start point to the top.

Now, pay attention. It is true that Pico is very high (ya, it is still an island), but anyway .. First you need to report yourself in the mounain hut (a little over 1000 height) and fill out the form of your personal data, time of arrival and estimated time of return. Than you are given the GPS with special emergency button and need to see the movie about mountain walking. (Is it not logical to take good shoes and somethibg to eat and drink with?). Afterall, they are following you all the time over the satellite! I am wondering how much time they will need, if something really happen.

The trail suppose to take 7 hours (4 up and 3 down), but 1:55 up and less than one and half down, is not bad 🙂 including some photos also. But there are a lot of people going up there for which would be better to stay on the beach.

Almost all the days there were clouds around the island and at the lakes on 1000 m altitude there was fog, of course. So, need to try the lucky on your last morning.

Sunrise at the lakes souds great? 🙂

Waking up at 5 in the moring, going there by little scooter. And than you figure out, that azorean time is not following the sun time, but european one. At 6 am there is till no sign of the sun, not even in the middle of the summer. And no time to wait for another hour in the cold, because you need to go back to Lisbon and further (6 different vehicle types included)..

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