I will miss it! All those tiny streets, big squares, Bairro Alto, Expo, Bélem, both bridges, paved sidewalks, trams, coffee and pastel the nata … It is better that I don’t even count how many train tickets I collected (Lisbon-Tomar) and how many times we waited some hours more for a train, because of half-year train strike.

Azores are over, just taking the luggage that I left in Lisbon and …

We are taking the last walk at Expo before we go to airport to over pack the luggage to official 30+6 kg and I just get the idea to jump on the train back to Tomar! But anyway is great to be a student and can put 10 kg more in your luggage (hopefully is true, otherwise I drink all 6 bottles of Porto wine at check-in desk!).

… more than 2 hours of over-packing, surprised glances of people (yes, I can fit all my stuff in pockets where I go somewhere for a week or two!), weighting, thucking, clothes changing … Ather ahwile I figure out that two bottles of wine weight 3 kg, important papers from university 200 g and my limited edition all stars are 100 g heavier than my sport shoes!

Até proximo!

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