And it happened that we crashed to the Azorean wedding. Jah, those Azoreans! Your sister’s wedding is surely the event of the year for whole island (and some surrounding also) and our friend just remembered of it, when we called him from the ferry. There were no excuses for the next day – not that we actually don’t know the bride and we don’t have anything appropriate to dress – so we also attended the after part of the wedding. It was fun, anyway. 🙂

It was even more fun a night before, when there was the informal pre-wedding dinner that only the wedding guests can join. Typical Azorean food, more than delicious, especially “lapas” (limpets), raw and cooked in a sauce made of whisky. Tuna steak, crabs, typical continental Portuguese dishes as moelas, tripas and caracois (gizzards, tripes and snails), shrimps, fish soup, rabbit and beef. And when you crash into a local festival it is just 🙂

Tuna steak, grilled crabs and some continental portuguese dishes like moelas, tripas and caracois (gizzards, tripes and snails), shrimps, fish soups, rabbit and beef continued on the Pico summer festival. Good at all!

Cheese, of course! We went to the factory to buy some and they sliced a huge wheel of cheese just that we could have a try. Anyway, the Topo cheese is nothing special, but another from Velas – the spicy one is much better. Actually, I expected a bit more from the cheese, but this is Portugal, not France.

Wine is one of the most well-known part cousine and culture at Azores. The best wine should be on Pico. That is not a surprise – all those wineyards spreading under Pico volcano are under Unesco heritage. I would say the same for the wine, just because it is successfully growing there!

And the only coffee that grows in Europe, is on Azores.

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