One of the stupidest things that I am finally becoming familiar with is riding a bike through the city! Sounds simple, but is definitely not! Bikers drive like they ate some crazy mushrooms and thanks to car drivers, that pay attention to all those crazy ones by bikes – driving opposite way into three-lanes-one-way road.

Cycling lines – one way, two ways, one lane and more lanes, sometimes suddenly finished in the middle of the road, or they get divide into three lanes in the road crossing – left, right, straight, and you are just stucked between the cars on the main road.. Yeah, you survived the lesson no. 1! Lesson no. 2: almost the same crossing, but 2 tram lines are included!

Out of the city the cycling roads are more comfortable and you are able to ride a bike with mp3 player in your ears. So, my magic bike survived to go to France over the Rhein river 🙂

I am very surprised what is growing here on the fields – tobacco, asparagus, sugar cane, corn, oilseed rape, giant pumpkins, currant, nuts and everything else!

Half of November has already passed by, last week we still managed to find some good grapes while walking over – volcano! Someone told me so, few days after hike. It actually doesn’t look like volcano at all for me – especially what I seen on Azores 🙂

I went also over another border (to Swiss) and took the most expensive coffee in my life ever – 5 €!