I figured out that I don’t have a single post about Slovenia, haha. Not going to bullshit that much this time. I usually go to Slovenia twice a year – for Xmas and recently for weddings. So, this time it was a wedding 🙂 and two friends of mine had joined for something like a few days/week.

Not that Slovenia is on my hate list, it is far away from it. I think is an awesome and nice place to visit. Usually people know exactly nothing about it, except that capital name is “impossible” to pronounce and there is THE lake somewhere. After a friend asked me, what the main export of Slovenia is, I actually had to google it. I know we keep all good food and wine for ourselves! Probably the main export in last years are young people. Can’t decide if this is bad or funny, but it is fun to go around and visit your (good) friends living all around Europe or even further away. And when we all gather around xmas time and complain about the “cultural” awesomenesses (read: issues) we are facing in our new homelands. It’s fun in the end, although it is not always fun when you are going to tax office for the fifth time in a week (and you are still without a paper you need).

So, Ljubljana is cute, except in winter when the visibility is like 10 meters because of fog. While my friends were over we weren’t able to see more than a three bridges and do the beer tasting (Bevog is it!) and it was already time to go to Metelkova. Yes, day goes different when you wake up at like 5 pm. Going to skip what happened the night before. I really like to wander around Ljubljana, especially with people are there for the first time as they always ask stupid questions and you have to come up with even more silly answer.
– Are there really naked people on the parliament? But is this building is really a parliament? (Because there are sperms and eggs as christmas decoration. And there is bar balled Parliament nearby famous of blueberry liquor.)
– How does the waiter know I’m thirsty as he brought a glass of water with coffee and I haven’t even asked of it? (Slovenians can read minds. Ask my Australian clients more about it. They already know it.)
– Why there are three bridges one next to each other? (Because Slovenian king was using the middle one and his slaves the side two.) But you said Slovenia never had a king. (Ok, than someone was just too lazy to search for other locations to build a bridge.)
– Is this church really pink? (No, you just see it wrong. It is almost magenta.)
– Are all those shoes up on the wires really for drug dealers to mark their territory? Looks kind of cool. (Oh, no.. It started as suicide awareness project few year ago, but now it looks like erasmus students are living their shoes also. Sad but true. Slovenians are actually very suicidal.)
And things continue.

As much as Spaniards can’t live without siesta, Slovenians enjoy doing nothing but chatting with friends sipping coffee or beer (beer with no food!). And complaining. Complaining about everything. Especially about government and … (yes, there is a good reason for it). I really enjoy when I come back and see all those habits that I didn’t know they actually exists and some of those I occasionally do miss. It was impossible to meet someone in Barcelona and go for a beer or two without eating or going out out (not that slovenian two beers will end at second beer, haha). While I don’t miss traditional food much, but when in Slovenia I will always go for the most traditional meals ever, starting with burek at Olimpija every time my sister picks me up at train station.

And yes, not all Slovenians speak english as Slavoj Žižek does. Somebody was recently really disappointed when he figured out that – 1. Žižek’s accent is not that much unique, 2. I can’t speak english with Žižek’s accent. If you wanter, you tube it.