Sorry guys, got bit lazy with blog and updates. I prefer to explore stuff around and hunt for wifi when needed to catch up with work and leave my blog aside a bit. After Lithuania I crossed Latvia and stayed there few weeks. Here is what I figured out.

– There are Latvians and russian speaking Latvians in Latvia. And few Russians. 🙂
– The best dumplings are fried ones and of course those are with cheese. And I have to learn this the hard way. I keep testing myself that my partial lacto intolerance is not the product of my imagination.
– Doesn’t matter if train runs on diesel and you need to open windows to get some air and reach the outdoor temperature. It still has free wifi.
– Free WiFi! Having local sim is pointless.
– Latvia has great beaches. The one with white sand and pine trees close to Liepaja is awesome. Why have just white and or enjoying the shadow under trees if you can have both.
– It is nice to be in Liepaja in the time of surfing world championship. There are bunch of nice views guaranteed (and tanned guys in wetsuit)!
– You can sleep in a prison without being arrested. Sadly didn’t know that before, but in case you are somewhere near Liepaja, you should spend a night here.
– Oh yea, the old soviet blocks in real style.
Liepajas Mencini (ie. cod fish) can definitely compete with portuguese Bacalhau com natas.
– Haven’t found any amber stone. Will search more next time I’m there.
– You can meet awesome people while travelling. By awesome mean really great folks. Not one, but bunch. From “lost kids” to 65+ that went around the world without flying on $40 a day.
– You can easily get stuck in Riga for two weeks (more). Some places are just great or I arrive there in best time possible.
– Latvian beer is good. Maybe doesn’t sound that well, but for sure is it.
– Don’t miss Russian district in Riga (and art-deco one also).
– One KGB prison was enough.
– There are “fake” hills in Latvia also, not only in Lithuania.
– Lativan to Lithuanian sound like Catalan to Spanish.
– It’s cool to jump around without your camera.
– People are awesome. I believe you meet all great people at least twice in your life. It’s difficult but possible for sure. We are still on the same planet.
– Things don’t always go the way you plan, but that’s the point.