I didn’t expect I will be rushing so much around, but until it is fun I think there is nothing wrong with it. After six months I admit that I got a bit fed up with hunting for nice cafes and wifi, reading hostel reviews, googling interesting things to see and so on. I wish I could stay longer in Cameron Highlands, but eventually there is no decent internet connection up there.

When I arrived to Kuala Lumpur I still had idea of going to Melaka and Singapore for few days. The idea got postponed to another weekend, a week after it was clear it is not gonna happen and I will just became a permanent resident until my flight. So new rule is on – not moving more than 2× month (but I can still take extended weekend trips on the way to new destination, lalala :D). I thought I will settle to this mode earlier, but it actually doesn’t matter. And yes, after months of toast and butter, peanut butter for breakfast is like heaven. Don’t need much to make people happy. Haha.

Here is what I figured out in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Skyscrapers everywhere. Petronas Twins are amazing. By day and night.
  • I never been to more vertical place than KL.
  • It might be difficult to get a beer in a restaurant, but you can always get a can of soy milk. Yes, a can of soy milk. Just like coke or anything else that comes in cans.
  • Food in Malaysia is yummy (I said that every day, few times a day).
  • There is too many food options there – Indian, Malay or Chinese as first option and than all the extended menu!
  • “Vegetarian” can stand for many things – no mammals, no meat but chicken, no meat, no animal products, no meat & garlic & onions. In general, less meat.
  • Respect your siblings. No pork and no beef here. Except for chinese places.
  • Malaysians are apparently starting two kisses greeting culture. But just starting. Or trying to start. 🙂
  • You can find the latest fashion and best taylor from Delhi & Bollywood in every Little India.
  • China Town is crazy. Very crazy.
  • It doesn’t always happen that you end up on stage 3 times when you see a musical. Maybe time to think of new carer?
  • Sunset at KL tower is really nice!
  • Malaysians are funny creatures.