– Jungle is nice. You should visit it soon as the time is ticking. In couple of years they are planning to cut it down and plant rubber trees and palm oil plantations.

– It can rain as hell in the afternoons and evenings, but you will always wake up in blue sky next morning.

– Maybe that’s why rain forest is called rain forest.

– There can be three houses, school and three temples in one village. Mosque, hindu and a chinese temple.

– Tiger balm is actually made of one plant with the same name.

– Leeches like spanish blood the most. Native spanish speakers only.

– Rafflesia is the biggest flower on the planet. It is not a plant, but a mushroom!

– Mushrooms seems to be bit crazy “plants”.

– Mushrooms!!

– There is a centipede that can kill you in half an hour. Snap a photo and jump away once your guide tells you that.

– Millipede is kind of centipede but has million legs. It’s cute and disgusting at the same time. Even the 30 cm one.

– Don’t touch things in the jungle.

– It is worth to wake up in the morning and go for a hike in sunrise.

– Tea plantations looks fake. Fells like you are in a movie and electricity can go off anytime.

– Black tea, green tea and white tea are actually the same plant. Just harvested at different part or in a different time.

– Tea is still tea. It is like a boiled water for me.

– Hitchhiking in Malaysia is great.

– Malaysians are awesome.

– Food in Malaysia is awesome.

– It is pointless to hunt for reliable wifi or 4G or 3G in the middle of jungle and 1500 above the sea. Really. Just don’t do it. All signs are against it. In case you are still trying, you will get a real-milk coffee in one and only Starbucks around, so you can definitely sped a rainy afternoon in your bed or socializing with folks in the hostel.

– Forget internet in the jungle.

– Kiwis to Aussies are like Mexicans to Americans? I don’t believe that.