I will stop bulshitting this time. George town is cool. Is nice. It’s actually awesome! It’s the first city in Asia that I wouldn’t mind to spend couple of months there. Mix of colonialism & west, India, China, Malaysia and oriental influence. It’s common to see signs in Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil and Arabic. Everything what a designer’s eye wants in one place. Plus bunch of amazing street art. Live music on the street and cafes that make you feel you are somewhere in Europe. And temples. From protestant churches, mosques, chinese, hindu and buddhist and all between, just pick what you want.

Apparently government of George town was thinking how to gain some more attention at Unesco and decided to do an artistic project. So, they ended up with bunch of street art. Not that city isn’t famous enough of extremely delicious food. Even local people go there just for food. And it’s true. Everything I ate was amazingly good. And Malaysians are really friendly. When it was normal in Thailand that people at night market were telling you with their looks – please don’t sit with us or you just notice how their mood change when you sit next to them, Malaysians are the opposite. They will friendly invite to join their table or just sit next to you and start chatting. Mostly about the food as nothing else is more important 🙂 And all of them speak very good english.

Enough for this time. Here is how streets of George town look like.