Now I got it. Chiang Mai definitely is digital nomad’s capital. Working from cafes & from your laptop is pretty much standard in Chiang Mai. To be the most stereotypical digital nomad out there, you should be doing some drop shipping (and shouldn’t tell anyone what you are selling) or working on your own business idea. Apparently you are not the real digital nomad until you spend at least one month there, do one work marathon from Maya mall and do a visa run! So, I’m the fake one as I just had a look to Maya and didn’t do the visa run. But, it does feel awesome when every cafe has at least 5 people sitting with their laptops and decent coffee is quite easy to find. And is not only IT people who work online, there are also space scientists.

I was already there for Lantern festival and there was plenty of things going on. Also the feeling of being “normal” (one of many for a change) and friendly (working) atmosphere around the city just soak you in and make you don’t wanna leave. It was nice month observing lanterns, exploring the surroundings, eating a lot, cooking, riding a bike and motorbike, way too easy wifi hunting, swimming with elephants, jumping in waterfalls and chatting with tones of people.

Same same, but different!