I’m back to Vietnam, this time to Hanoi and surroundings. Today I’ve just seen few roasted dogs while I was around the non-touristy area of city to take some photos. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, but I’m always shocked as I was the first time and I think I will just stick to energy from beer and peanuts until the end of my life. But what if the peanuts are roasted on dog’s fat?? F* skip them also!

First time I seen it I was somewhere in around Mekong delta. Luckily it was in my last week, so I was still able to enjoy tasty vietnamese Pho Ga before. I hope that Ga is really just Ga (chicken) and Bo is really just Bo (beef). I try to avoid meat as much as I can, as I’m not that much of animal lover when I see them on my plate. But chicken soup is everywhere in Nam.

I didn’t take any photo at that time, I was so shocked that I couldn’t. First time I actually passed by without noticing (I definitely don’t look to stacks of meat) and after we sat down for a coffee a friend of mine asked why I didn’t take a photo.
– Baked dog where??? You are kidding, right?!
– Just at those food stalls we passed. It was a dog – 100%, I seen it.
– No, no .. Maybe goat or a sheep, you germans Don’t know how those animals look like.
– No, it was a dog.
– How you know?
– It had all the ears and head, paws and tail. It’s definitely a dog. You gonna seen it on the way back.

Well, I know people still eat dogs and cats in Cambodia, China and many other countries, but I thought you can’t just get dog meat from “regular” food stall in the middle of the town. I couldn’t eat anything after and I was happy that my flight to Singapore was in few days. Sad but true.

So, that much about the dog meat. Since I seen it, I say it to every crazy or evil dog I meet – “Hi buddy, they eat those like you here!”

I seen dunno how many today again. In the middle of Hanoi. Here is how they look:


A week ago I went out for dinner with few expats and some local Vietnamese. Someone mentioned that had seen the roasted dog while taking another route from his work. Yei! Another one asked Vietnamese girl, if she ever tried it. She said that many times as a kid as she is from small village. No more laughing, enjoy your dinner!


I like Vietnam. Life is never boring here. I keep on laughing when I see 5 adults on a motorbike and everything what Vietnamese are able carry on motorbikes. Literally everything!

I’m still curious what % of energy Vietnam spend on AC, fans and making ice.

Bored and not know what do to? Go for a ride around the town with a motorbike taxi! Locals can fly on them.

Lazy? Oh yeah. Vietnamese can spend countless amount of time in the cafes. It is not unusual to hang around a cafe for hours. While I do my work there, Vietnamese will have their coffee, sleep for few hours and than meet another friend. Coffee is just delicious here.

I love the business approach here. Business everywhere. No is not an answer!
Need another visa? What pattern you want on your bikini – we have them all!
Yes, you can pay in AU$, SG$ or US$ – we also exchange money here, in case you don’t know!
Propaganda posters shops – I love them.
If it is not their business they not gonna send you to their friend, another guy on a motorbike will just appear within seconds – are you looking for XY?

Vietnamese hat. Thought it is just on photos for tourists. They just love it and wear it all the time. Old, young, under the helmets, above the helmets..

Mini chairs. There is something special about them. Smaller it is better it is. Can’t be more authentic than it is. No, you shouldn’t sit on the ground, but 10 cm above it.