Tashkent definitely wasn’t my favorite place, mostly because of police at every corner. Dood, I have no idea what they are “checking” all the time, but hopefully at least they know why they are there.

Uzbekistan is land of mausoleums, madrassas, colors and patterns. Where is no desert, cotton grows.

  1. And plov, really good plov. Everyone knows plov is actually Uzbek.
  2. It’s difficult to believe but local people are SOOO much into fashion – with their own style. Mix of Uzbek traditional patterns and colors, women should wear at least two different patterns, three is better. I just loved it.
  3. A golden teeth smile! 😀
  4. Lonely Planet couldn’t be more wrong, all LP’s perception about Central Asia is bad, and Uzbekistan is the worst. Sometimes I had a feeling that the authors are talking about another country …
  5. Dress up conservatively?? WTF? And once you see all local girls in their school uniforms … haha. No need to cover when entering a mosque. Just walk in, modesty is a personal thing.
  6. Black market money .. and all those guys carrying bags of money around. Dollars, dollars? Good rate, good rate. Dear euro, you never gonna make it.
  7. After all those mausoleums, tiles and patterns – I had a sudden wish to see a packman somewhere!! How wouldn’t I?
  8. Samarkand, day and night, it is amazingly stunning.
  9. Sadly, no 25th anniversary party as the president died just a day or two before (officially day after).
  10. If you stare long enough in the patterns, weird things might happen.