You learn few things really fast when going to Morocco. It can be a bit harsh until you learn how to reincarnate into hedgehog and nobody approaches you for 100 m.

– Kingdom of cats.
– No eye contact, don’t smile and don’t respond, even when they start swearing after you in five languages. “I just said how are you and you don’t reply!!”
– Don’t look to the stuff unless you have intentions to buy it. They gonna sell you pretty much anything you need or not.
– Delicious 1 dirham donuts, still warm and fresh.
– No eye contact, don’t smile and don’t talk with strangers.
– “Come, do you want to see my hashish factory?”
– People HATE when you want to take photo of them or them in the corner of the picture.
– Yet another night bus. Every time I say it is the last one.
– Blue and blue. Yellow. Red.
– No eye contact, don’t smile and don’t talk with strangers. 🙂
– “So, where is your friend now? Is he already gone?” after walking alone around the town in the afternoon; but in the morning I walked to the surf spot with one guy.
– Tell me your price!!
– I give you special price.
– Camel ride on the beach? Yeah, it’s opium store …
– Rooftop princess. Hahaha.
– After all the central Asian downtime, I still fell is not to late to get married. My ego is sky rocketing after only 2 hours.