– Rice & curry. Rice & curry. Rice & curry. Curry with rotti. Rotti. Kothu Rotti. Dophin!! WTF, dolphin? Actually dolphin is good, but yet another rotti dish.

– To follow the tradition – all guesthouses serve exactly the same four curries to the guests: beats curry, potato curry, beans curry, dahl. Guys, what about all the weird veggies I’ve seen at the market?
– Red banana mystery, finally I’ve seen you! Now I just have to find you one more time and try!
– Tea, tea and tea.
– Take away rotti wrapped into someone’s homework. You can find homework of all subjects and all levels. Sinhalese alphabet, basic math, advanced physics, workbooks … 🙂 Paper is paper! I bet you can soon get rotti in my visa extension form, if you buy it around immigration office.
– I still prefer to have my snacks packed in the homework paper than reading math equations from my toilet paper (Uzbekistan).
– Next time I extend my visa in Sri Lanka, I’m gonna say I’m from Yugoslavia. The fee is just half price the Slovenian one.
– “Hey, how are you? Where you go?”
– Rice & curry. Rice & curry. Rice & curry.
– “Tuk tuk?”
– I’m curious what tropical virus has 0 days incubation time and make you stay five days in bed, another four to pick up and is in general pretty f* up. Is neither dengue, chikungaya or malaria.
– Bus is the king of the road. Repeat – bus is the kind of the road. They are bigger than you, so they have a priority. Well, traffic is actually not that chaotic as in many other Asian countries.
– Train can take up to one hour to move 20 km. So, to move 100 km it takes around 5 hours.
– There is no much difference between 3rd and 2nd class train. Just +80% of the price. But 100 Rs or 180 Rs ($0.66/$1.20) is still a good price to move for 100 km.
– There is alway a space for one more person to jump on the train – until the train is FULL! By full meaning there is no place even to hang out of the train.
– Tuk tuk drivers can be very friendly. Occasionally they might feel like giving you are free ride.
– Don’t go to Adams Peak on public holidays, all Sri Lankans are there. Hutton is a nice place to stay for few days and wait that extended public-holiday-weekend pass by.
– Sri Lankans barely walk anywhere. From the bus station to the house they will go by tuk tuk. – Sri Lankans walk thousands of stairs to Adam’s Peak either barefoot either in flip flops. For most of them is a real challenge (see a point above), but even grandmas manage it.
– Why make three sacred places if you can have one for all religions? (Adam’s Peak)
– Grega: “No more rice! No more rice!”
– I’m turning into a snake. Changing all the skin and this stuff …