Let’s say first month in Sri Lanka was “fine”. The second month we split and I went on my own … Then it started – real Lanka. Sexism squared.

Male guardian? I thought Sri Lanka is a place where you don’t need one. But… Soon I realized that there is much difference walking around with my sister and her boyfriend that on my own. Seems that one (white) guy per group of (white) women can save you from harassment, sex & marriage proposals.

Wearing bikini, short skirt, tank top, long sleeves or long pants? No worries, you are still white and female, there is nothing you can change about that. No difference if you are one, two, three or zillion (foreign/white) women, because you are still foreigner (& white) and female and don’t have a foreign/white male guardian.

I never heard that Sri Lanka for women is supposed to be like Thailand for men? Sri Lanka as sex destination for women?? Are you kidding me? I don’t find anything sexy or attractive about the people there, sorry.

Sorry, but I rather be single till the rest of my life than married to Sri Lankan guy. Is there anything wrong with being single?

In Sri Lanka it is a big deal. Central Asians put the family and being married on the 1st place of their lifes, but they do understand that someone might have different priorities in life than getting married with 19.

Why are you not married? I added few more (rude) one to my collection. I know in Central Asia anything I answered was wrong, so not a big deal anyways.
– No entiendo.
– Exactly because of men like you!
– Divorced. Twice!!
– Widow. Because I killed my husband and now I’m on the run.

So you are 29 and still a virgin?
– Exactly. Do you have anything against that?
I can help you.
– No thanks, I actually like to be a virgin in Sri Lanka. I’m perfectly fine with that.

Where you from?
– China! Ni Hao!

I don’t think there is anything attractive when you hear ridiculous pickup phrases every 200 m. Guys screaming from their motorbikes. Walking after you. Trying to shake your hand “to say hi”. No, Ana is not giving handshake to random weirdos. Sorry mankind. I do have high limits and can ignore most of stuff … but give bad looks, have extensive vocabulary of bad words and insult all the male population of someone extended family, or turn into Tyrannosaurus Rex. And dear guy sitting next to me on the bus, stretching his arms (yeah, a long bus ride, right?) and trying to put them around my back. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??!! REALLY?? WTF?? You better replace your seat with somebody else. THIS FUCKING SECOND. I’m pretty sure you can remove your arm the same way you put it there even if you have cramps.
Tell me, what’s sexy about that?

If I wasn’t feminist and racist before .. I already started to note the symptoms.

Morocco? At least ALL foreigners get it. But as a woman you get extra bonus of some marriage proposals. In Sri Lanka, actually everything changes when white & male humans are away. WTF?

I didn’t feel they show much respect to local women too. Because Sri Lankan men love arrack and cigarettes and they hang out around the corner and getting hammered every day. If I was Sri Lankan & female I will be more than happy that my husband is not at home all day, anyways.

Speaking about alcohol. There is always arrack or beer called special, super special or extra special. Don’t worry, you have to go to special alcohol store and as a woman you gonna be treated a big criminal there.

Now you wrap that into another rotti in sinhalese alphabet. Mix with another portion of rice & curry in and fried rice with glutamat. Oh, 4G routers and limited internet and electricity 2 hours a day when nobody knows when it is coming back. It was not jut Kalpitiya, it was in Trinco too and many other places.

I was never happier to get the exit stamp. Ever. Even Azerbaijan was fine.

Well, let’s leave with nice thoughts. I finally managed to get on the board with the kite 🙂 Thanks to my white & female & foreign instructor.

And blue whales are just fascinating!

So – as per previous post – I still owe you how snack in homework looks like 🙂

Sorry Staš, if you thought this post gonna have some hot & sexy stories to read.