I honestly thought they are fake. $2 bill doesn’t seem to be real; especially after I’ve seen “We don’t accept $2 bills” sign at the hotel.

This is Cambodia. $1 goes far. $2 will take you even further. In Siem Reap pretty much everything seems to be ONE DOLLA:

– rotti
– smoothie
– bowl of noodles with something
– big ice coffee
– 1 or 2 cans of beer, depends where
– 2 draft beers
– 4 happy hour draft beers
– $1 extra and they will make that pizza happy; for $2 is gonna be extra happy
– $1 tapas

– tuk tuk, if you can bargain hard
– cocktail and a draft beer out of happy hour ($1.5 + $0.5)
– just a cocktail
– fish spa with beer (or without)
– t-shirt
– scarf
– family lunch at Angkor Hub
– bunch of food from restaurants around the town.

I’m actually curious how much money in Cambodia is fake. You can find stacks of $1 bills for sale at the market in Phnom Penh (guess how much? yes, one dolla), apparently they are to burn at the temples 🙂

Siem Reap seems to be a place to get my work done … and meet Chileans. Haha.
Seems that quite some stuff have changed (mostly on better) since last time I was here. Is cleaner, more local people doing their own businesses, some more streets got asphalt, less stray dogs. More traffic, especially the motorbikes.

Half pipe on the top of X-bar .. just because you can, right? It is freakin awesome.

Cambodian circus is still great. If you can see 6 or 7 “normal” Khmer people on motorbike, circus’ standard has to be bit higher, right?

So, how many Cambodians can fit in a van then?
Especially when the last “row” of people are sitting on a bench that is literally outside the van and the back door is open and wanna be secured with a leash. I think I can disclose the number.

Khmer New Year is another dimension of front line of water balloons, water rifles and baby powder. Count at least double if you can get a tourist!

Of course it has to be at least one spelling mistake in every sentence. I think I haven’t ate any dog, cat, rat and monkey. For worms I don’t care.


Never had happier pizza in my life. Still don’t know what was inside as it kicked in 45 mins and made me fly around entire universe several times for more than 24h. No kidding. If anyone has an idea what could it be, I’ll be more than happy to know. It was definitely much fun (I had “just” half a pizza, tho). Pizza place has delivery too. And also a branch in Kampot that I didn’t try.

In case you need a good explanation how you should know if the pizza place is happy, check their business card. Italian pizza. Happy pizza. Happy special pizza branch. The fun pizza restaurant. Like, even if your brain is slow .. you should get it!

Anti wind karma is still with me. More than a week in Kampot and whooping 15 mins with the kite. Time for statistically more wind reliable places and to leave it behind.