I thought I’ll never ever return to Azerbaijan. Like not at all. Ever in my life. Culture is uniquely weird, food is Azeri, probably what was to see I’ve seen last time anyways …

But here I’m (again) – kitesurfing this time! HA! Hahaha!
You never thought of Azerbaijan as a kitesurf destination, did you?

As always, the post got stuck somewhere :)) …

Well, I can tell you that Shuraabad lagoon is superb, wind can turn in 30 sec from north to south, water is never more than chest deep, maybe only the temperatures in July are better then in May. You’ll probably get 3-4 nice windy days per week, unless you arrive with bad wind karma, you might need to wait another week that wind will start blowing again in the land of wind and fire.

Don’t smash yourself – for any non-basic treatment they might send you to Istanbul or Dubai. Pick one.

Azerbaijan is still weird as it is. For a second I thought that women are now allowed to leave the house, but next day I discovered it was just first really warm day in the area. (Woman, you’ve seen the enough sun for the year!).

One taxi driver told me that his wife earns more on “tips” then her $150 salary is …

The same guy also mentioned when they wrote encyclopedia of Azerbaijan, president didn’t like it and they had to re-write pretty much everything.

To show as a single woman in a cafe (yes, just cafe can be enough, there is another step entering a bar …), you might be ignored as waiter will wait for your male guardian or another two gils joining your table, before he will manage to bring the menu. Those few Azeri women that dare to go out of the house always stay in a group of minimum of three.

Zaha Hadid building is still amazing as it was!